Onsite Data Destruction Overview

Not only can ICEX provide secure data processing whilst being Asset Disposal Information Security Alliance (ADISA) approved within an inspected facility, we can also provide on site data destruction services covering our full range of data destruction and sanitisation services at a client’s site.

Our mobile hard drive destruction service ensures hard disc drives can be destroyed with our Hard drive shredder delivering physical onsite data destruction. Designed to fit through a 3ft 6in doorway, it can be placed inside most buildings with a disabled access point. Our hydraulic press can deliver onsite deformation to the hard drive, rendering the drive useless and ready for transport to our unit (all our vehicles have GPS tracking and we provide a journey log from the client’s building to ours).

Both hard drive destruction services can be completed with machines held on our vehicles at your location, or inside your building – all we need is access to a standard UK plug socket. We have portable capabilities for our state of the art Blancco HDD erasure software also. In addition we can provide data destruction certificates confirming hard drive erasure or destruction, without the data ever leaving your building.

All our onsite services are backed up by our inventory generation capabilities. We have supplied this to clients as a standalone service, generating asset registers before equipment is selected for disposal, providing clients a complete list of all equipment intended for disposing, before collection takes place.

If you would like to talk to someone about how we can help you, then call us on 01376 503900, or email info@icex.co.uk.