Waste Carrier License

If you have employed someone to transport waste, they must be registered to move the waste from you and into the correct disposal stream. ICEX holds an Upper Tier Waste Carrier Licence and is listed on the environment agency website.

Every business needs to show they have taken all reasonable steps to prevent their waste from ending up in the wrong place. Checking the credentials of the person you have employed to transport the waste is the least you can do, once they have removed it from your site, a waste transfer notice must be completed and handed over to the waste producer.

This document will not absolve you of responsibility if the waste has been dumped in a farmer’s field, but using a licensed carrier can reduce the risk of your waste being incorrectly disposed of.

The fact is that a license is very cheap and easy to obtain. If you choose an unlicensed carrier, it is highly likely they will not adhere to the correct procedures.

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