IT Asset Tracking & Data Destruction Certificates

At ICEX the thorough equipment handling procedures we employ provides our clients with back-up documentation for every stage of the process including data destruction certificates.

ICEX use a fully integrated IT asset tracking system so when IT assets arrive at our facilities a barcode is applied to a client’s equipment and it is booked onto our database against a job number. Each appliance can then be traced back to the collection at any point whilst processing through our facility.

Once a job number has been assigned to the client the equipment is assessed from identification codes on the machines to serial numbers and asset tags. This information builds our report making it a simple process for the removal of the equipment from your asset list.

Our reporting is Asset Disposal Information Security Alliance (ADISA) approved, and this will provide data destruction and IT recycling certificates coupled with a signed contract to back up our service. This removes liability for a data breach throughout the chain of custody, from client to ICEX.

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