IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) For Non-Data Holding Equipment

Non-data holding devices and equipment are often overlooked by a business’s IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) policy. This category of devices contains some printers, UPS’s, monitors, scanners as well as keyboards, mice and cables that also need recycling or to be disposed of.

The majority of these type of products can be repurposed instead of being recycled which not only benefits the environment, but can also provide a financial benefit to clients.

If these assets require recycling because they’re simply too old and are beyond economic repair a lot them are still classed as hazardous waste and must be treated with care when being collected and processed.

ICEX follow industry best practices when dealing with Non-data holding Ewaste, printer recycling or UPS disposal and comply with the Environment Agency and BSI 14001 (Environmental Management) when handling or processing any hazardous waste.

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