IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) For Mobile Phone Recycling And Tablet Recycling

Mobile phones and tablets hold just as much data as many laptops and PCs, yet many people will just reset them to the factory default before mobile phone recycling without any thought of the data that is still on them. This is just what hackers want.

At ICEX, we will either overwrite the device’s memory, thus eradicating any data that was previously stored, or destroy the device completely. Either way, you can have complete piece of mind that all of your emails, pictures, files, contacts, bank details, and login credentials have been completely destroyed.

Our process generates data destruction and environment agency certificates, so that you will also be covered legally.

Furthermore, we can manage employee buy back schemes, or enable value recovery.

For a solution that is cost effective, convenient, compliant, and environmentally responsible, then call us on 01376 503900, or email