Education – IT Recycling, Computer Disposal & IT Data Cleansing Services

Education has changed fundamentally in the last decade and fully embraced the benefits of the enhancements of IT and the internet. This also posses new issues for education organisations when it comes to IT Recycling.

Students interact and learn through mobile devices and AV equipment now more than ever before in history. With these advances, students in different time zones can take the same class from leading institutes around the globe.

However, with these benefits comes new challenges and the securing of vast amounts of personal information is one of them. Servers, desktop computers, laptops and other devices can accumulate colossal amounts of data over their lifetime, which due to budget constraints on the purchase of new IT in the education sector can be as long as 10 years.

ICEX helps its clients by certificating the secure repurposing or disposal of redundant IT assets, including hard drive destruction where required and reporting line by line what has been processed. This information is then fed back into the asset register transferring the liability over to us.

To help keep costs down, as much equipment as possible is repurposed and this can even be refurbished and donated to students or charities.