Computer Recycling & Electronic Disposal For The Telecoms Industry

Our partners in the telecoms and IT industries use ICEX for a range of reasons. In some cases, it is an opportunity to add another service to their portfolio, in other cases it might be that we take on all of the legal responsibilities of meeting data protection and environmental legislation policies for computer recycling whilst performing secure data destruction.

Generally our telecoms and IT partners are more interested in supplying and/or maintaining the new equipment, and are keen for us to help with electronic disposal and retiring of redundant telecoms and IT equipment.

Our advisors can talk through the risk profile and budget implications around data holding and non-data holding equipment. we are able to provide the appropriate solution for your end users, whether this be physical or electronic secure data destruction, potential value recovery or asset redeployment.

Selection of the right electronic disposal partner will protect against your reputation and ease brand damage, along with reducing compliance risks.

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