Mobile phones in the workplace – Is it secure?


There has been a huge reduction in the number of company-based mobiles we process for our clients. Partly because of the transformation in the market place, away from a keyboard and towards a touch screen. This has also increased the number of items connected to our networks as more and more people remote into their desk.

The Challenge

As everyone now likes to stay connected, having the work email placed onto your personal mobile phone is a simple process completed 100’s of times a day. Then we’re always ready, with a response to that all-important message, just a click away. Not only does it infringe on our time away from work and invade family time, it adds an additional risk to the security of the email network.

The mobile phone has become a powerful tool, access to work emails could be the gateway to your network, when people leave their job, is access to your network taken away? Do companies change the Wi-Fi password each time someone leaves? But if the mobile phone belongs to a member of staff, does the data belong to you? When your employee gets a new phone, do you rely on a factory reset to remove the access to your network?

If the phone is then passed onto a friend or family member and access to your network is still live, who now has access to your network? If the factory reset is powerful enough to remove the access to the email, you are still reliant on the staff member performing the reset. When we get a new phone, it will often sit somewhere waiting for the contacts, photos and messages to be erased so the phone can be sent away or passed on.

Access to your network is becoming a wider and wider issue as more and more devices get added to the access list, tablets, phones and laptops. But how do you keep on top of the ownership of every item connected to the network. If a mobile is given back to the network that provides the new phone, how do they delete the information? Where does the telephone go?


Common sense dictates you shouldn’t connect your device to an open network, be careful what you send and what data you share. But the devices you have given access to is wide and varied, working from home is becoming increasingly popular and remoting into your work desktop is a simple process. But if the devices being used to connect do not belong to the company, who do we supply with the proof that the access codes, passwords and content has been erased?

An ITAD can fully wipe all data from a mobile device, this is much more secure than a factory reset. Using certified software, the phone can be totally wiped leaving no trace of previous user data.


  • Certification of erasure can be provided by ICEX to assure the customer all data has been removed from a mobile device.
  • We can re-market mobiles that are still in good operational and aesthetic condition, reducing waste.