If there’s an opinion to be had on ITAD, Data Destruction, Computer Recycling or IT Remarketing you’ll be reading about it here. Our blog posts are aimed at our clients covering our opinions around all the hot topics that matter within the world of IT Asset Disposal and Data governance.

Environmental impact of waste

The environmental impact of waste generated from the UK is being spread far and wide across the planet. As China closes its doors to other countries waste, Thailand is trying to prevent its fast-growing reputation as the “rubbish dump of [...]

Repair, reuse and reduce.

In the UK we have reduced the amount of single use plastic carrier bags over by 83%. The bag charge raised £66.4m in the first year. Retailers such as ASDA, CO-OP and Tesco now donate the money to local causes [...]

Server rooms and Data Centres

The thought of placing your systems offline could send your infrastructure manager into a cold sweat. Powering down any system needs planning and forethought to the highest of standards. If you are upgrading your system or moving data centre locations, [...]

Zero waste to landfill

Sounds like a plan, no waste ending up at a landfill site. As businesses have broadened and embraced recycling as part of their CSR policies, the statement of “we have a zero waste to landfill policy” has been adopted by [...]

Who should we trust?

When you hand over your data to your chosen IT recycler, do you know where it actually ends up? Does your IT recycler have a contract with your competitor?  When they collect your equipment does it go straight to the [...]

The paper it’s written on

For those of us old enough to remember lines from Only Fools and Horses, Del Boy would always say he had a “cistifikut” ICEX supply a certificate for the processing of the data we handle. The software we use, Blancco, [...]

GDPR – Price Comparison Websites

The GDPR has been clouded in masses of negativity, but is it a good thing or not? If you have entered an enquiry into any of the price comparison websites over the past 9 years, then they more than likely [...]

Have you audited your data processors yet?

Many companies have started the potentially lengthy process of auditing their service provider contracts to make sure that they comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. One of the requirements of the new GDPR is that you [...]

What’s in an acronym?

Everyday we tell our clients how we are ISO certified and we have GPS in our vans, our staff are DBS checked and most importantly we are ADISA accredited who are NCSC. Many people still wonder what our company name [...]
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