Our Expertise – Computer Disposal And IT Data Cleansing

We focus on providing IT equipment data cleansing and secure computer disposal solutions for our clients. We overcome the problems and risks that result from their need to renew or refresh IT, adapting our services to address their evolving requirements.

Whatever our client’s restraints – financial, space, access, information governance, resources or simply a tight deadline – we adopt a consultative approach, working closely with them to provide innovative solutions that work.

From our modern facility based in Essex, we are able to service central London in under one hour. This allows us to provide more accurate collection times and ensure less time in transit for data holding equipment – minimising risk for our clients. For added security all our staff are DBS-checked and our vehicles GPS tracked.

With a vast array of in-depth product knowledge, our staff are able to identify equipment which holds data as soon as it arrives in our facility – not just data held on the hard drives of servers, laptops and PCs, but also information hidden in the chips of printers, scanners, faxes, copiers, mobile phones and even networking equipment. Or if you need your equipment dealt with on site we can provide a full range of data erasure services including hard drive destruction using our mobile hard drive shredder.

ICEX destroys it all in a secure, efficient and environmentally-friendly manner.