How to make IT Asset Disposal a company wide headache!June 5, 2014

IT Headache

In many cases the IT Director delegates responsibility for IT asset decommissioning to the IT manager who in turn passes the responsibility to the Service Desk Manager who gives the role to a junior IT Technician with the brief “get 3 quotes, make sure we get certificates for data destruction”.  The quotes come in, the […] Read More

The Cost of Free IT Asset DisposalMay 22, 2014

Cost of free IT disposal

The spectre of free IT recycling has showed itself once more and now the entire ITAD industry is fire fighting and it is a backs to the wall exercise in protecting our businesses……except nothing has actually changed. Yes some businesses undoubtedly will always make decisions solely considering price, and these same companies will most likely […] Read More

Mobile Phones, The IT Manager And The Reset ButtonApril 3, 2014

Reset button

BYOD continues to be the main topic of conversation when discussing data security on mobile devices and the ICO have issued guidelines to manage data on employees’ devices. Policies can be written, procedures adhered to but at the end of the life of the device, how much control can the employer actually have over the […] Read More

Securely Erasing DataMarch 28, 2014

Securely erasing data

We speak to a number of organisations with varying ideas of how to securely erase or destroy the data on hard drives once they are deemed to be of no further use. Most of the processes we hear of are effective (I am not looking to start a debate on what works and what does […] Read More