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ICEX Mobile & Tablet Recycling 54% of mobiles disposed of still contain personal info - Recycle securely with Icex

Tablet & Mobile Recycling

Mobile phones and tablets can hold large amounts of sensitive company and personal data even if they have been reset. ICEX can permanently erase and certify the removal of data from all such devices allowing them to be reused and often giving a financial return on investment.

Things to consider:

It is estimated that 54% of phones sold still contain personal information from the prior user.

- The ‘Factory Reset’ or ‘Erase’ function does NOT necessarily delete all the data. There are many software systems in the market that can still recover the information contained within mobile devices.

- Many mobile phone recycling firms state in their terms and conditions that it is the users responsibility to get rid of data on their device. These companies just use the factory reset to delete the data, so you have the same result as above.

- If you allow employees to connect their own mobile devices to your company network, then your company data could be at risk. It is worth offering employees a scheme that will compensate them for using a secure data deletion process that will keep your organisations reputation in tact.

- We are advocates of protecting the environment and creating revenue for our clients through erasure and reuse. Where this is not possible the item is securely destroyed and the materials recycled.

What we can do for you:

- ICEX Ltd. treat mobile devices like all other data holding equipment. We offer secure collection, permanent data removal and certification.

- We use Blancco Mobile Edition to securely overwrite phone or tablet internal and external memory and SIM cards

- Our detailed reporting and fail-proof auditing ensures regulatory compliance and certifies that all your data has been erased forever.

- Our system offers possible reuse of device and a potential return on investment. Extending the service life of a mobile phone from one to four years makes a 40% more positive environmental impact than recycling alone.

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